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what we do

We work with authors, professional speakers, and organizations who are doing good (making a positive difference in the world). In short, we help clients expand their influence. We do it through a proven ability to create, leverage and maximize opportunities. Yeah, some may more commonly refer to what we do as "marketing" but to us it's a whole lot more. It's comprehensive strategy with a focus on implementation that gets results.

Services we provide are based on the type of client we represent and their unique and specific goals. No two clients are the same so why would the methods to accomplish what they need be some cookie-cut approach?



We elevate authors and their brands through platform development, strategy creation and implementation. Implementation being key. Why? Because there are a lot of "consultants" who can tell you what to do but often you need someone to help you actually do it. We basically come along side an author and help them do what needs to be done to reach more people. We do it through a variety of tools and resources based on the authors needs and goals. This can range from coordinating a NY Times bestselling book launch to community development, list building, product creation, relationship building, social media expansion and more. We've been in the "book marketing" business for 10 years and have worked with all types of authors who have experienced all types of success.


We help speakers attract more business and leverage their offerings to better impact their entire platform. This is where a comprehensive understanding of both the business of being and author and a speaker come in handy. We know what works. We know how to make it more effective so that you create residual opportunities versus just a one-off speech every now and again. This not only helps your bottom line, it helps the impact of your message.


We've worked with churches and nonprofits to help them expand their reach and build community. We do it through a number of effective ways that include traditional and nontraditional methods
of relationship building. Why org's who are doing good? Because we want to use our gifts to help make the world a better place. Don't you?

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